Saturday, March 6, 2010

More Rain!

Today we got more rain- something we desperately need in LA. Tonight, it is raining rather hard and because of this, I have built a fire and opened a good book. Nothing better! Soon, in a few weeks, I am planing to hold a Garden/Lawn Party. My original idea was to have everybody show up in period dress- hoop skirts, bows, top hats- but then I realized I will be holding this at a park, and most people would not take well to a bunch of theatre people running 'round, playing croquet and singing mad songs dressed in Victorian garments. This was down heartening. However, I have decided to make the Garden Party (with a Capitol G and P that is) of a strict dress code: pastels, creams and white colours only and hats are requited of both sexes. Photos are to be expected. TIll then, I must dream of the warm spring sun shining down on my face- which actually will be more like the 90º heat/sun blazing down- but who cares. LA does not seem to experience seasons, like other states and locals do- in LA, we go from blazing hot, to lightly cool and back to blazing hot again! (and no, to you LA-dwellers who wear a wool hat, gloves, parka, rain boots and ear warmers in 59º weather- LA does NOT get 'cold'. We get rather cool. 28º is cold. Heck, 35º is cold! Come on! It's ridiculous. But hey, that LA for you! Were a quirky bunch of folks.

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