Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Swedish "Saft"

"Saft" is a type of fruit syrup. You can serve it in a cocktail, with fizzy water or with still water and ice, which is the way I prefer it. Here are two variations, but, really you can make Saft with any soft fruit you like!

Strawberry and Rhubarb Saft
(You can make plain rhubarb saft, but my strawberry plant is very bountiful this year and I find myself putting strawberries in virtually everything!)

~Enough Fruit to make 2 - 4 cups worth (i.e. 5 stocks of rhubarb and 6 strawberries)
~6-8 cups water- remember- this is a syrup, the water will be boiled down- but don't add so much that it dilutes the fruit.
~3-4 tlbs pure organic cane sugar (to taste- as syrup sits, it will get sweeter, so don't go overboard- remember, the fruit is naturally sweet!)

~To start, cut up all the fruit- DO NOT peal the rhubarb. Place in a stock pot and pour water over.

~Boil till all the fruit is extremely mushy.

~Pour the mixture through a cheese cloth-lined strainer, into another pot.

~Place pot back on the stove and add sugar, stirring. Let boil for 5 minutes, or until sugar is completely dissolved and liquid starts to thicken.

Skim off anything that might be left over, and pour in to an old, sterilized wine bottle. Let cool, cork and refrigerate!

There's nothing better in the hot summer!

Another variation to try would be WHITE PEACH SAFT:
Do everything the same, except with white peaches, skins on, and serve with dried lavender.
This is my personal favourite- just look that that colour- oh boy is it lovely!

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