Monday, November 9, 2009

Elderflower Picnic

With a cup of Fortnum and Mason's Elderflower Green Tea (sadly not available at the London Heathrow Airport anymore, one must purchase the tea from the Fortnum and Mason tea shoppe) a rustic home made loaf of bread, raw milk cheddar cheese and fresh apples and grapes, one's afternoon picnic can't get any better. I brought along an old knife- discolored and ragged at the handle- such history- and a couple of plates and thick green glass cups... it was a wonderful piece of time.
I suppose I have a fantasy of being back in the 18th or 19th century and having a picnic by the shore... or on a green heath- grey sky up above, damp grass below our red plaid picnic blanket. One does not need extravagant food on this type of picnic- just good quality, local, natural goods will fit the bill. Oh- and it does not hurt to have a period dress on at the same time.

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