Friday, November 13, 2009

The Indian Summer

If you have been in Los Angeles this November, you will have noticed that we have been experiencing rather warm weather. This, historically, is called an 'Indian Summer'. The period between the 1st of November and the 20th of November, if unseasonably warm, is referred to as this magical Indian Summer. However, being in Southern California, I believe we experience much more warm weather than most- so this Indian Summer, to us, may not be such a special occurrence. It was in the 1800's, believe you me! They used this gift of time to do last-minute winter preparations, such as sweeping the chimney, splitting extra firewood and cleaning the windows!

So, like the old fashioned woman that I am, I have decided to do the same- even though my fireplace does not need sweeping, (seeing as it's last burning hour was extinguished this February past) I am cleaning up my windows, preparing the earth for this year's winter crop and decking my halls in eager anticipation for the cold front to arrive from the north.

Speaking of the Winter crop, I'd like to share with you what I have decided to sew. Even though my backyard is petite- small enough to be considered a large allotment- I choose to make as much use of it as possible. Here is a list of things I shall grow:

~Tomatoes (On a string fence)
~Swiss Chard (Rainbow)
~Zucchini (On a string fence)
~Sugar Snap Peas (On my back wall)
~Snow Peas (Also on my back wall)
~Red Leaf, Butter-head and Romaine Lettuce (In pots, bordering my garden- Oh! I forgot to tell you my allotment is that of the raised variety- I have red bricks all around- than that is where I shall place every single lettuce pot)
~French Greenbeans (On the back wall)
~Leeks (Pre-started)
~Green Onion
~Cucumber (On a string fence)
~Yellow Onion
~Dwarf Lemon Tree ( I already own two full grown Orange trees, which supply me with a regular supply of Orange Juice)
~Garlic (This acts as a natural pest repellent)
~Marigold (Good for culinary decorations and a fabulous pest repellent)

I am also going to grow some Rosemary and mint in two separate pots!

See! If you live in California, you can grow all year round! Oh, the wonders of gardening!
So, I hope you go out and sew a seed or two this winter, and make the most of this wonderful gift of an Indian Summer!

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