Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Dinner Party

Last year, I cooked a dinner for some friends and this year, I plan on doing the same. With all that I have gone through this year, I feel that cooking for those that I love is the best way to express my undying gratitude for their support and friendship. Last year, I cooked with the help of a one Miss Donna Hay, the brilliant Aussie whose cookbooks and magazines bring little bursts of joy into my house- and this year, I plan on employing her knowledge again. My menu last year looked something like this:

roasted tomato, basil and goat's cheese tart: served and baked in handmade puff pastry, with red onion, seal salt, olive oil and toped with fresh, organic, peppery rocket.

roasted lamb rack with rosemary, sea salt and coarsely ground pepper

potato mash with garlic-basil oil
wilted spinach with cream and lemon

sweetened ricotta served with almond paste ovals, a swedish lace cookie and toped with a sprig of red currents

So, after that , what can I do to top myself? This is going to take some thinking.

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